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Alternative forms[edit]


From a Sioux (Dakota or Lakota) term given as a name to first-born children if they were female.[1][2][3]

John Koontz suggested that the name was a compound of wi- (female) + no (first) + -na (a diminutive suffix) and thus a reflex of the Proto-Siouan numeral */ ("one"). That root is otherwise unattested in the Sioux languages, which use reflexes of *wį(y)ą ("one") instead,[4] and a more prosaic analysis identifies the first elements of the name with winyan (woman).

Proper noun[edit]

Winona (plural Winonas)

  1. A female given name, used mainly in the United States.
    • 2001, Julia Cameron, God Is No Laughing Matter:
      I've met the full Clairol spectrum of Winonas, and I have come to recognize them the way you might watch for pretty little coral snakes in Florida. Isn't that sweet? you think—until it bites you and you die. Just like those pretty little snakes, Winona talks in a sort of a soft and wispy hiss and tells you how confused she is []
  2. A city in Kansas
  3. A city in Minnesota
  4. A city in Mississippi
  5. A city in Missouri
  6. A town in Texas


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