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Ximenes +‎ -an


Ximenean (comparative more Ximenean, superlative most Ximenean)

  1. Of or pertaining to the cryptic crossword style used and defined by "Ximenes" (Derrick Somerset Macnutt), whereby an acceptable cryptic clue must have a precise definition, a fair and strictly grammatical subsidiary indication, and no redundant elements beyond these.
    • 2009, Dean Olsher, From Square One: A Meditation, with Digressions, on Crosswords
      Don Manley calls these non-Ximenean clues “wild and woolly” and worries they're far too common.
    • 2012, David Astle, Puzzled: Secrets and clues from a life in words
      [] the Ximenean camp [] makes up the hardliners, setters and solvers who insist on every clue being thoroughly sound in both grammar and execution []


Ximenean (plural Ximeneans)

  1. A cruciverbalist or crossword fan who shares Ximenes's beliefs about fair crossword setting.
    • 2012, David Astle, Puzzled: Secrets and clues from a life in words, ISBN 1847658164:
      The home was in Leatherhead, which Ximeneans would despise as a signal for L, but let's keep with the action.
    • 2013, Sandy Balfour, Pretty Girl In Crimson Rose, ISBN 1782394796:
      As Bunthorne puts it, 'Of course, I am a Ximenean. But I know that if it weren't for [Araucaria] pushing the boundaries, the rest of us wouldn't get anywhere at all.'