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Probably related to Zinke (point, prong), from Old High German zint (a jag, point), from Proto-Germanic *tinduz, *tindaz (prong, pinnacle), from Proto-Indo-European *(e)dont- (tooth, projection), see also Dutch tinne (battlement), German Zinne (pinnacle, battlement), Danish tinde (pinnacle, battlement), Swedish tinne (tooth of a rake), Icelandic tindur (spike, tooth of a rake or harrow, pinnacle, peak, battlement).


Noun I[edit]

Zink n, m (genitive Zinks or Zinkes, no plural)

  1. zinc

Coordinate terms[edit]

Noun II[edit]

Zink m (genitive Zinks or Zinkes, plural Zinken)

  1. (music) cornetto (a trumpet-like wind instrument used in European music of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods)