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agentti +‎ partisiippi



  1. (grammar) An agent participle; a verb form that allows the property of something being a target of an action to be formatted as an adjective-like attribute.


Usage notes[edit]

Regarding the agent participle in Finnish:

  • The agent participle is formed from a verb with the suffix -ma, -mä. The stem of the verb is often transformed due to relatively complicated gradation rules:
  • The agent participle is often translated into English as past participle + by as in:
    • Matin ottama kuva = the picture taken by Matti
    • Matin ottamassa kuvassa = in the picture taken by Matti
  • A possessive suffix is applied when the logical subject of the sentence is a personal pronoun:
    • ottamassasi kuvassa = in the picture taken by you
  • Intransitive verbs do not have an agent participle form.

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