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  1. Romanization of 𐌰𐌹𐍂𐌹𐍃



airis f pl

  1. swing (swing seat)




There are different hypotheses on the origin of this word. Some propose to derive it from Proto-Baltic *air-, from Proto-Indo-European *ey-, *oy- (pole, post) with an extra r. Others derive it from the same stem as Latvian vairīt “to avoid; to dodge,” with loss of the initial v. Others yet consider it an old borrowing from a Germanic language (cf. Old Norse ár, Old English ār, English oar, all from Proto-Germanic *airō), possibly mediated by Livonian āiraz (from Proto-Finnic *airo. Cognates include Lithuanian aĩrė.[1]




airis m (2nd declension)

  1. oar, paddle (an instrument for rowing a boat)
    divi airi — two paddles, oars
    airu laiva — rowboat (lit. oar boat)
    cilāt airus — to lift the oars
    iegremdēt airus ūdenī — to put (lit. insert) the oars in the water
    sēsties airos, pie airiem — to sit at the oars (= to prepare for oaring, paddling)
    Griniņš ievilka airus un ļāva laivai slīdēt lēni uz priekšu — Griniņš pulled the oars and let the book slide slowly forward
    nolicis airi, noliecos pār laivas malu un sāku raut ūdens augus — letting go of the oar, he leaned over the boat edge and began to pluck the aquatic plants
    nosēdies airos, Pičs ar vienmērīgiem un spēcīgiem vēzieniem dzina laivu uz priekšu — having sat at the oars, Pičs drove the boat forward with steady, strong strokes


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airis m (plural airiai, feminine airė)

  1. Irishman (man from Ireland)

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