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anti- +‎ Shiite

Alternative forms[edit]


anti-Shiite (comparative more anti-Shiite, superlative most anti-Shiite)

  1. Opposed to Shiites.



anti-Shiite (plural anti-Shiites)

  1. Someone who exhibits prejudice, discrimination or hostility towards Shiites
    • 2002, J B Das Gupta, Islamic Fundamentalism and India
      they were anti-Shiites and were instrumental in driving a greater wedge between the Shiites and Sunnis
    • 1987, The Concept, page 19
      Extremists and rabidly anti-Shiites, like Dr. Israr Ahmad of Lahore, who belatedly jumped on the Shariat Bill bandwagon, pleaded for just the same.
    • 1979, Riazul Islam, A Calendar of Documents on Indo-Persian Relations, 1500-1750
      Now that the empire of Hindustan is in disarray and its imperial sceptre is changing hands, the addressee [Qutb Shah] should launch a forceful attack on these perfidious anti-Shiites.