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Alternative forms[edit]


Compare Aromanian bardzu ‘white’: both it can the Romanian word may derive from Albanian bardhë (white). Alternatively, the Romanian word may derive from a pre-Roman (Balkans) substrate, possibly from or via Dacian, from Proto-Indo-European *bhereg- (white). The Romanian word is akin to Albanian bardhë, and possibly derived/borrowed from it. The stork is called "white" also in the Slavic languages: compare Croatian labud.

Another theory, though somewhat unlikely, suggests that its origin is a Latin root *gardea, from ardea. (compare Spanish garza, Portuguese garça, also French barge). The confusion of g and b is somewhat unusual, but may be explained as a Balkan influence. Other cases in Romanian include limbă, rug, negură, întreba (compare also Sardinian bula, from Latin gula) [1].


barză f (plural berze)

  1. stork



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