big balls

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big balls (plural only)

  1. (humorous, slang) Courage; guts
    • 2004, Vincent Tozzi, I Already Am, iUniverse (ISBN 9780595301850), page 143
      Biffy says, “You've got big balls for a girl Bubbles. I like your style. Give it to him. Juicy's rotten, but Bubbles. You've got the scevusa on your hands now.” Bubbles drops the hot dog, and calls Biffy and Juicy some un-young ladylike words.
    • 2008, Rosalyn Wraight, Scavengers: Lesbian Adventure Club:, Don't Waste Daylight (ISBN 9781932014259), page 79
      “Something's are just too important to miss. You've got big balls, Ms. Kitterman. Keep 'em that way. We have missed you.”
    • 2011, Ian Morgan Cron, Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me: A Memoir. . . of Sorts, Thomas Nelson Inc (ISBN 9780849949296), page 243
      “Kid, you've got big balls.” Aidan pulled away and looked at me, eyes afire like diamonds, his arms still around my neck.