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blow upon (third-person singular simple present blows upon, present participle blowing upon, simple past blew upon, past participle blown upon)

  1. To defame, discredit; make someone the subject of a scandal.
    • 1867, Dickens, Oliver Twist, chapter 13
      'I'm afraid,' said the Jew, 'that he may say something which will get us into trouble.'
      'That's very likely,' returned Sikes with a malicious grin. 'You're blowed upon, Fagin.'
  2. (informal, dated) To inform against.
    • Charles Lamb
      How far the very custom of hearing anything spouted withers and blows upon a fine passage, may be seen in those speeches from [Shakespeare's] Henry V. which are current in the mouths of schoolboys.
    • Macaulay
      a lady's maid whose character had been blown upon


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