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bore +‎ -dom


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boredom (usually uncountable, plural boredoms)

  1. (uncountable) The state of being bored.
  2. (countable) An instance or period of a state of being bored; a variety of bored state.
    • 1995, Martin Heidegger, William McNeill, Nicholas Walker (translators), The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics: World, Finitude, Solitude, page 107,
      If we are seeking a more original conception of boredom then we must also correspondingly endeavour to envisage a more original form of boredom, thus presumably a boredom in which we become more bored than in the situation we have characterized.
    • 1999, Michael L. Raposa, Boredom and the Religious Imagination, page 58,
      Yet that earlier characterization was of a kind of boredom that can be portrayed as resembling acedia; that is, a boredom that I can be held responsible for, either in its genesis or its persistence.
    • See more citations at boredoms.

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