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bose (third-person singular simple present boses, present participle bosing, simple past and past participle bosed)

  1. (usually archaeology) To strike the ground with an object in order to determine, from the resulting sounds, what lies underground.
    • 1974, Martin Jim Aitken, Physics and archaeology:
      This criticism applies also to bosing in which the ground is thumped with a heavy rammer; over filled-in pits, tombs, [] Bosing is successful where the top-soil is thin and firm, with an unstratified rock such as chalk beneath.

Related terms[edit]





  1. neuter nominative singular of bosy
  2. neuter vocative singular of bosy
  3. neuter accusative singular of bosy
  4. nonvirile nominative plural of bosy
  5. nonvirile vocative plural of bosy
  6. nonvirile accusative plural of bosy