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From earlier bragget, probably from Middle French braguette, from Old French braguette (the opening in the fore part of a pair of breeches), from Old Provençal braga, from Latin brāca (pants), from Transalpine Gaulish *brāca (pants), perhaps from or related to similar forms in Germanic: compare Old English braccas (pants), Old English brōc (breeches), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰrāg-, from *bʰreg- (to break, crack, split, divide). More at breech, britches.


bracket (plural brackets)

  1. ​A fixture attached to a wall to hold up a shelf.
  2. (engineering) Any intermediate object that connects a smaller part to a larger part, the smaller part typically projecting sideways from the larger part.
  3. (nautical) A short crooked timber, resembling a knee, used as a support.
  4. (military) The cheek or side of an ordnance carriage.
  5. Any of the characters "(", ")", "[", "]", "{", "}", and, in the area of computer languages, "<" and ">".
  6. "(" and ")" specifically, the other forms above requiring adjectives for disambiguation.
  7. (technical) "[" and "]" specifically - opposed to the other forms of which have their own technical names.
  8. (sports) Printed diagram of games in a tournament.
  9. (sports) Prediction of the outcome of games in a tournament, used for betting purposes.
  10. One of several ranges of numbers.
    tax bracket, age bracket
  11. (military) In artillery, the endangered region between two shell impacts (one long and one short). The next shell fired is likely to hit accurately.


Derived terms[edit]