breakfast of champions

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Originally an advertising slogan for Wheaties breakfast cereal.


breakfast of champions (plural breakfasts of champions)

  1. (idiomatic) An ironic appellation for beer, junk food, or other foods implied to be unhealthy.
    • 1995, Bill Granger, The New York Yanquis, Arcade Publishing, page 245
      Aspirins and beer for breakfast; the breakfast of champions.
    • 2004, J. F. Freedman, Fallen Idols, Warner Books, page 372
      In one hand he held a slice of cold pizza and in the other a Sprite—his version of the breakfast of champions.
    • 2004, Brad Thor, State of the Union, Simon and Schuster, page 9
      When the coffee was ready, Leighton filled his mug to within two-and-a-half inches of the rim, then grabbed a bottle of Wild Turkey from the cabinet above the refrigerator and filled the mug the rest of the way. "The breakfast of champions," he thought to himself ...