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Alternatively, a substratum Dacian word, akin to Albanian, but semantic difficulties exist with this etymology. Another possible theory suggests a Latin root *voculāre ("to call, yell"), from vōcula, from vōx (voice), with meaning possibly confused with or influenced by *bacchulāre, from bacchor (celebrate), and that the Albanian word, possibly of Turkish origin, simply coincides with the Romanian one. It is also, contrary to folk etymology, probably not related to the name of the legendary shepherd Bucur, who according to popular belief gave his name to the capital city of Romania, București; the name itself may be a remnant of a lost pastoral word originally based on Latin buculus "young bull, ox, steer" (compare Old French bugle, French beugler, also Dalmatian buc). [1]


a bucura (third-person singular present bucură, past participle bucurat1st conj.

  1. be / become glad


Derived terms[edit]


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