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Alternative forms[edit]


From alteration of earlier bunny (lump, swelling), from Middle English bony, boni (bunion, swelling); or perhaps from Italian bugnone (a knob, boil, blain), an augmented form of Italian bugno (beehive); both Middle English and Italian words from Old French bugne, buigne, bune (bump, knob, swelling), from Old Norse bunga (an elevation, bulge) or from Old Frankish *bungjo (a swelling, lump, bump), both Old Norse and Old Frankish from Proto-Germanic *bungô, *bunkô (lump, clump, heap, crowd), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰenǵʰ- (thick, dense, fat). Cognate with Dutch bonk (lump, clump), German Bunge (swelling, tuber).



bunion (plural bunions)

  1. (pathology) A bump or bulge on the first joint of the big toe caused by the swelling of a sac of fluid under the skin.