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Scottish Gaelic[edit]


From Old Irish céile, from Primitive Irish ᚉᚓᚂᚔ (celi, follower, devotee (genitive)), from Proto-Celtic *kēlyos.


  • IPA(key): [kʰʲeːlɪ], /kʰʲeːlə/


cèile m (genitive cèile, plural cèilean)

  1. spouse
    Chan eil cèile agam. - I don't have a husband/wife/spouse.
  2. counterpart, fellow
  3. other
    An dèidh sin, phòg iad a chèile. - After that they kissed each other.
    Bha iad a' bruidhinn ri chèile. - They were speaking with each other.
    Tha na taighean caob math bho chèile. - The houses are a good bit apart [from one another].

Derived terms[edit]