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In Lojbanized spelling.

  • Chinese: cian () [xiàn]
  • English: nau— now
  • Hindi: abअब [aba]
  • Russian: seicas— сейчас [sejčas]



cabna (rafsi cab)

  1. x1 is occurring/existing at the same time as x2 (one or both of x1 and x2 may well exist/progress into the future/past of the other).
  2. x1 is occurring now

Usage notes[edit]

  • If x2 is tacit, then cabna can be interpreted to mean "now", but if both sumti are filled, then cabna is interpreted to mean that x1 is simultaneous or concurrent with x2. Also note that the sumti might tend to be lenu-type abstractions.

Related terms[edit]