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cancelation (plural cancelations)

  1. Alternative spelling of cancellation

Usage notes[edit]

Rarely used outside the U.S. According to graphs that show the popularity of cancelation vs. cancellation in the U.S., cancelation is almost 3 times as common in the U.S. after the 80s.

British English spelling rules as regards doubling of final consonants when preceded by a vowel state that a final consonant after an E is generally doubled when further endings are added ('ed', 'ing', and other suffixes) ONLY when the vowel-consonant syllable is the stressed syllable in the root word. Examples: Compel > Compelling, Refer > Referring, Referral

Since the verb 'Cancel' is stressed on the first syllable then, in theory, the final L should not be doubled.

However, as in other cases, the U.S. spelling does not follow these rules. Both spellings, Cancelation and Cancellation, are however accepted as correct.