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Alternative forms[edit]

  • chatteratis, as if the plural of a singular *chatterati


Blend of chatter and literati, coined by Peter Simmons in 1989 and used in The Globe, a satirical newsletter for the Norwich-based Development and Environment Centre.

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Particularly: “Source for this 1989 coinage?”


chatterati (plural only)

  1. People who chat, argue and debate.
    • 2002, Annabelle Sreberny, “Trauma talk,” in Journalism After September 11, Barbara Zelizer and Stuart Allan edd. [1]
      The newspaper the Guardian, together with its Sunday sister the Observer, are the liberal papers of choice among the middle-class chatterati.
    • 2004, John Mole, It's All Greek to Me [2]
      Perhaps some Anatolian Leigh Fermor had a bestseller among the chatterati of Topkapi with his Travels in the Egripos.
    • 2004 Peter Simmons, in Fool on the Hill [htpp://]Tuesday 20 January 2004 - political incorrectness and the chatterati.
    • 2005 Christina Odone, in the Manchester Guardian, quoted in Credo by Ray Pritchard [3]
      From when to die to when to give birth, from whom to have sex with, to how to spend their money, the chatteratis believe they should enjoy unlimited freedom.