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From Old Portuguese cobertura, from Late Latin coopertura.


cobertura f (plural coberturas)

  1. the act of covering something
    Vi a cobertura do campo pela neve.
    I saw the field being covered by snow.
  2. cover (anything which covers other things)
    A cobertura da caixa é resistente.
    The box’s cover is resistant.
  3. (architecture) penthouse (apartment on the top floor of a building)
    Quem tem dinheiro prefere morar na cobertura.
    Those who have money prefer living in the penthouse.
  4. (banking) funds for redeeming a cheque
    Não te preocupes, meu cheque tem cobertura.
    Don’t worry, my cheque has funds.
  5. (communication) news coverage (a media organisation’s account of an occurrence)
    A cobertura das eleições pelo jornal foi breve.
    The newspaper’s coverage of the elections was brief.
  6. (military, law enforcement) protection from enemy fire
    Corre para o outro lado enquanto eu te dou cobertura.
    Run to the other side while I cover you.
  7. (sports) the act of preventing adversaries from reaching a team
    O meio-campista lhe deu cobertura enquanto corria para o gol.
    The midfielder protected him while he ran towards the goal.
  8. (ecology) contents of the topmost layer of soil
    Margens com cobertura vegetal sofrem menos erosão.
    Riverbanks with plant cover suffer less erosion.
  9. insurance warranty
    Esta seguradora tem uma cobertura boa para acidentes de carro.
    This insurance company has a good warranty for car accidents.
  10. coverage (the extent to which a television radio or internet signal reaches)
    Esta companhia tem uma cobertura que abrange todos bairros.
    This company has a coverage that reaches every neighbourhood.
  11. (topology) cover (a set of sets whose union contains the given set)
  12. icing (sweet covering of baked goods)
    Este bolo tem cobertura de chocolate.
    This cake has chocolate icing.


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cobertura f (plural coberturas)

  1. coverage
  2. cover
  3. reception

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