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crap +‎ -tastic


craptastic (comparative more craptastic, superlative most craptastic)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Intended to be perceived as fantastic, but actually of extremely poor quality.
    That was the most craptastic movie I've ever seen!
    • 2000, Maximum PC, Vol. 5, No. 9 (September 2000)
      We also received a new logo for products that are craptastic to the nth power. Behold the Lick Ass award.
    • 2003, Kevin J. Maroney, in [1]
      I've seen far too many games in the American market which have what I consider to be interesting themes wedded to craptastic mechanisms [...]
    • 2004, Thomas J. Theobald, in [2]
      If the GOP were to start acting like it cared (and yes, I believe it is their responsibility at this point, given the ultra-craptastic record they've displayed over these last four years), there might be some hope.
    • 2005, Steve Bass PC Annoyances
      "The unofficial story, according to one source, is that the BBC's charter prevents it from “shower[ing] their viewers with craptastic ads [...]" —