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creepy +‎ pasta, after the pattern of copypasta, itself an alteration of copy and paste.


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creepypasta (countable and uncountable, plural creepypastas)

  1. (Internet slang) Frightening urban legends and short stories circulated on the Internet.
    • 2012, Kaz Scattergood, "Spooked by 'Slender'", Fuse (Sheffield Students' Union), Volume 9, Issue 49, 14 September 2012, page 2:
      The game was born from the familiar 'Slenderman' image, which you may or may not be familiar with from internet memes and creepypasta horror stories.
    • 2013, "Hunstman: The Orphanage", Adventure Lantern, Issue 46, September 2013, page 7:
      [] Listen to the nineteen personal creepypasta-style stories to piece together the mysterious events of that fateful night in 1898, when twelve orphans simply… disappeared!"
    • 2013, Joey Dussault, "The 10 Best Original Soundtracks In The Gaming World", Tastemakers Magazine (Northeastern University), Issue 33, Fall 2013, page 11:
      The eerie “Lavender Town” theme has infiltrated the nightmares of an entire generation of children and has even inspired one of the most well known “creepypastas” on the Internet.
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