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Alternative forms[edit]


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present active crīsō, present infinitive crīsāre, perfect active crīsāvī, supine crīsātum

  1. (vulgar) I grind (rhythmically move the haunches during sex)
    • Martial, Epigrammaton, 14:203:
      Tam tremulum crisat, tam blandum prurit, ut ipsum / Masturbatorem fecerit Hippolytum.
      So tremulously she shakes her behind, so alluringly she arouses, / that she would make Hippolytus himself a masturbator.
    • Juvenal, Satire VI, 322:
      [...] / ipsa Medullinae fluctum crisantis adorat: / [...]
      [...] then she in turn worships Medullina's undulating surges [...]

Usage notes[edit]

  • Crīso is a word for the female action during receptive sex, as opposed to ceveo for males and futuo for the act of penetration.


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