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From French déboucher



debouche (third-person singular simple present debouches, present participle debouching, simple past and past participle debouched)

  1. (military, of a body of soldiers) To enter into battle.
    • 1839, Mathieu Dumas, Memoirs of His Own Time vol 2. [1], page 192:
      he debouched by the great high road through the forest, in the rear of the Austrian and Bavarian armies, while General Moreau attacked in front.
  2. (hydrology, of a river or stream) To discharge into a larger body of water such as a lake or sea.
    • 1829, Robert Chambers, History of the Rebellions in Scotland [2], page 57:
      He chose a place called Colmnakill, about six miles farther down the Spey, where a tributary stream, debouching into that river, gave him protection on one side