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Vicia faba


From Italian.


fava (plural favas or fava)

  1. A fava bean; a bean (seed or seed pod) of the plant Vicia faba or the plant itself.
    • 1976, I. I. Gottesman, J. Shields, Rejoinder: Toward optimal arousal and away from original din, Schizophrenia Buletin, 2: 447-453, quoted in 2004, Jay Joseph, The Gene Illusion, page 269,
      Favism, a hemolytic anemia that follows the eating of fava or broadbeans, provides a textbook example of a genotype X environment interaction.
    • 2001, Clifford A. Wright, Mediterranean Vegetables, page 153,
      When spring arrives the fava arrives and everyone in the Mediterranean can dream up a way of cooking it.
    • 2007, Cat Cora et al., Cooking from the Hip[1], ISBN 0618729909, page 197:
      Add the favas and cook for 1 minute.
    • 2012, John Navazio, The Organic Seed Grower: A Farmer's Guide to Vegetable Seed Production, page 268,
      In cool temperate zones favas are planted early in the growing season, several weeks before the last frost, and grown as a summer annual, much like other vegetable crops of the Fabaceae.

Usage notes[edit]

The collocation fava bean is much more common, even for the plant.

Derived terms[edit]


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From Latin faba


fava f (plural fave)

  1. fava bean, broad bean
  2. (vulgar) cock (slang for penis)

Related terms[edit]



fava f (plural favas)

  1. fava bean (Vicia faba)