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Middle English, from Old French fundement, fondement, from Latin fundamentum (foundation), from fundō (I lay the bottom, I found).


fundament (plural fundaments)

  1. Foundation.
  2. The bottom; the buttocks or anus.
    • 1703, Thomas Gibson, The anatomy of humane bodies epitomized:
      It [the Sphincter Ani] serves to purse up the Fundament, and so hinders the involuntary Evacuation of the Fæces.
    • 1861, Aristotle (pseud.), Aristotle's Works: containing directions for midwives, and counsel and advice to child-bearing women with various useful remedies., page 119
      ANOTHER defect that new-born infants are liable to is, to have their fundaments closed up; by which they can never evacuate the new excrements engendered by the milk they suck...
    • 1864, Alfred Fennings, Fennings' everybody's doctor; or, When ill, how to get well, page 9
      Bathe the parts frequently with cold water, and, if there be much pain at stool, always squirt up the fundament, beforehand, with a syringe, half a teacupful of cold water.
    • 2008, Eric Summers , Ride Me Cowboy: Erotic Tales of the West, page 38[1]:
      I flinched when he touched my rosebud, but pretty soon I was fucking his mouth like it was Hector's fundament.
  3. The underlying basis or principle for a theoretical or mathematical system.

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fundament n (plural fundamenten, diminutive fundamentje n)

  1. basis
  2. foundation


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fundament m

  1. foundation (lowest and supporting part or member of a wall)