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galán m

  1. (dated) A beau.




galán m, f (plural galanes)

  1. gallant
  2. (colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador) nice, enviable, without worries (said of a situation)
    Tengo todo planeado para que tengamos una mañana galán. - I've got everything planned out so we can have a nice morning without worrying.
    • [P]ero detrás del destello se asomaba un día “galán”, alegre, brillante... - But behind the sparkle, a nice, happy, shiny day was appearing... (Cosecha de Doscientos Soles, Maus, 2012, published by Palibrio, in Mexico. Page 56.)


galán m (plural galanes)

  1. an attractive young man, gallant
  2. beau


galán (not comparable)

  1. (colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador) copiously, in a great and unmeasured quantity
    Al pastel entonces le echamos azúcar galán, sin pensar que ya tenía suficiente. - Afterwards, we added sugar to the cake copiously, without thinking it already had enough.
  2. (colloquial, El Salvador) without worries, enjoying it (said of an enviable situation)
    Ese trabajo es fácil: él se la pasa galán todos los días. - That job is very easy: ever day he lets time pass by without worries, enjoying it