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googolplexth (not comparable)

  1. Ordinal number derived from googolplex.
    • 1991, Lloyd Motz, Jefferson Hane Weaver, Conquering mathematics: from arithmetic to calculus
      We could carry this nonsense even further by raising 10 to the googolplexth power []
    • 2005, Age Erasers (in Best Life, volume 2, number 7, December 2005, page 97)
      So, here's my plan: I'm reasonably confident I can forgo the butts and the hard stuff for the rest of my days; there will always be heaven, after all, in which to smoke an infinity of Marlboro Reds while slurping my googolplexth Grey Goose martini.


googolplexth (plural googolplexths)

  1. The person or thing in the googolplexth position.
  2. One of googolplex equal parts of a whole.