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From Middle English gossib, godsib (a close friend or relation, a confidant), from Old English godsibb (godparent, sponsor), equivalent to god +‎ sib.


gossip (plural gossips)

  1. Someone who likes to talk about someone else’s private or personal business.
  2. Idle talk about someone’s private or personal matters, especially someone not present.
    • 1907, Robert Chambers, chapter 2/5, The Younger Set[1]:
      “I ought to arise and go forth with timbrel and with dances ; but, do you know, I am not inclined to revels ? [] not that I don't adore dinners and gossip and dances ; […]”
  3. A genre in contemporary media, usually focused on the personal affairs of celebrities.
  4. (obsolete) A sponsor; a godfather or godmother.
    • Selden
      Should a great lady that was invited to be a gossip, in her place send her kitchen maid, 'twould be ill taken.




gossip (third-person singular simple present gossips, present participle gossiping or gossipping, simple past and past participle gossiped or gossipped)

  1. To talk about someone else's private or personal business, especially in a way that spreads the information.
  2. To talk idly.



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gossip m (inv)

  1. gossip (especially concerning famous or important people)