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gripe +‎ -er



griper (plural gripers)

  1. One who gripes
  2. (archaic) An oppressor or extortioner
    • 1601 December 1, John Croke, speaking before Parliament, in Proceedings in the Commons, 1601, British History Online:
      She did Accept of our intended Present, which (she said) manifested our Love and Loyalty; most graciously affirming, That She was never any greedy Griper, or fast Holder; and what We did present, She would not hoard up; but Our Eyes should see the Bestowing of it.
    • 1655, Thomas Fuller, Church History of Britain, edition 1845 ed., page 150:
      [] there wanted not those who condemned his pride and hypocrisy, knowing Pandulphus to be a most greedy griper, as appeared by his unconscionable oppression in the bishopric of Norwich, which was afterwards bestowed upon him.
    • 1825, “Harmony at Congress”, in The Spirit of the Public Journals, page 533:
      When Southey's sackbut tunes the praise
      Of every Royal griper,
      Or any Minister, whose pipe
      Takes part in measures rotten ripe,
      While England pays the piper!




  1. present tense of gripa.