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From Middle English, from Middle French habitude, from Latin habitudo (condition, plight, habit, appearance), from habeō (I have, hold, keep); see have.



habitude (countable and uncountable, plural habitudes)

  1. (archaic) The essential character of one's being or existence; native or normal constitution; mental or moral constitution; bodily condition; native temperament.
  2. (archaic) Habitual disposition; normal or characteristic mode of behaviour, whether from habit or from nature
    • 1683, John Dryden, Life of Plutarch (21)
      An habitude of commanding his passions in order to his health.
    • 1891, Thomas Hardy, Tess of the d'Urbervilles
      [] there was something of the habitude of the wild animal in the unreflecting instinct with which she rambled on — disconnecting herself by littles from her eventful past at every step, obliterating her identity []
  3. (obsolete) Behaviour or manner of existence in relation to something else; relation; respect.
  4. (obsolete) In full habitude: fully, wholly, entirely; in all respects.
    • 1661, Thomas Fuller, The History of the Worthies of England (1.165)
      Although I believe not the report in full habitude.
  5. (obsolete) habitual association; familiar relation; acquaintance; familiarity; intimacy; association; intercourse.
    • 1665, John Evelyn, Memoirs (3.65)
      The discourse of some with whom I have had some habitudes since my coming home.
  6. (obsolete) an associate; an acquaintance; someone with whom one is familiar.
    • 1676, George Etherege, The Man of Mode (4.1)
      La Corneus and Sallyes were the only habitudes we had.
  7. Habit; custom; usage.
  8. (obsolete) A chemical term used in the plural to denote the various ways in which one substance reacts with another; chemical reaction.
    • 1818, Michael Faraday, Experimental Researches in Chemistry and Physics (32)
      Most authors who have had occasion to describe naphthaline, have noticed its habitudes with sulphuric acid.






habitude f (plural habitudes)

  1. habit

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habitude (plural habitudes)

  1. habit (action done on a regular basis)