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hospital pass (plural hospital passes)

  1. (literally) A pass (for schools, military, etc.) exempting one from regular activities, to instead visit a hospital.
  2. (figuratively, idiomatic, rugby, Australian football) A poorly executed pass to a team-mate causing the receiver to present an easy target for a defender, and thus be tackled hard.
    • 2011, Tom Fordyce, Rugby World Cup 2011: England 12-19 France [1]
      Flood popped out a careless off-load deep in the French 22 to allow a clearing kick to snuff out the danger, and when Nick Easter tried to rumble from deep within his own 22 his hospital pass to Tuilagi triggered another knock-on.
  3. (figuratively, idiomatic, Ultimate Frisbee) A throw that stays in the air long enough that it allows too many people to get underneath it, increasing the risk of injury and a trip to the hospital. Thus, a hospital pass.
  4. (figuratively, idiomatic, law) An unwinnable case, often passed to a newly-qualified member of the firm.