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Known in English since 1601, but rare before c.1850. From Latin hybrida, a variant of ibrida (a mongrel; specifically, offspring of a tame sow and a wild boar).



hybrid (plural hybrids)

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  1. (biology) Offspring resulting from cross-breeding different entities, e.g. two different species or two purebred parent strains.
  2. Something of mixed origin or composition.
  3. A word whose elements are derived from different languages.
  4. Short for hybrid vehicle (especially a car), one that runs on both fuel (gasoline/diesel) and electricity (battery or energy from the sun).
  5. (golf) A golf club that combines the characteristics of an iron and a wood.



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hybrid (comparative more hybrid, superlative most hybrid)

  1. Consisting of diverse 'hybridized' components.


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