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Present active participle of iaceō (lie prostrate, recline).


iacēns m, f, n (genitive iacentis); third declension

  1. lying prostrate, lying down; reclining
  2. lying ill, being sick
  3. lingering, tarrying
  4. being placed or situated, lying
  5. being low, flat or level
  6. lying still
  7. lying dead
  8. lying in ruins
  9. hanging down loose
  10. (of the face or eyes) being fixed on the ground, being cast down
  11. being indolent, idle or inactive
  12. lying dormant or abandoned, being of no avail
  13. lying overthrown; being refuted; being despised
  14. (of speech or language) being languid, dull or lifeless


Third declension, neuter nominative singular like masculine/feminine.

Number Singular Plural
Case \ Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
nominative iacēns iacēns iacentēs iacentia
genitive iacentis iacentis iacentium iacentium
dative iacentī iacentī iacentibus iacentibus
accusative iacentem iacēns iacentēs iacentia
ablative iacente
iacentī 1
iacentī 1
iacentibus iacentibus
vocative iacēns iacēns iacentēs iacentia

1 When used purely as an adjective.