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In Lojbanized spelling.

  • Chinese: juji住址 [zhù zhǐ]
  • English: adres— address
  • Spanish: direksion— dirección
  • Russian: adris— адрес [adres]




  1. address; x1 is an address of/are coordinates of x2 in system x3

Usage notes[edit]

  • judri x1 describes such things as spatial coordinates, street address, email address, URL, color coordinates.
  • x1 is a text or a numeric vector.
  • Describes an alienable position, compared to stuzi which specifies an inalienable location.
  • judri is a kind of tcita which indicates the position of something in some system. -- that is:
  • da tcita de le judri ci'e dida judri de di
  • Many, but not all judri are cmene. Particularly, coordinate vectors are not cmene

Related terms[edit]