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(index ju)


causative aspect of the verb juosta (to run)


juoksuttaa (transitive)

  1. to run, make run (to cause to move quickly)
    Juoksutan koiraani joka päivä kentän yli ja takaisin.
    Every day I run my dog across the field and back.
    Hän juoksutti minua koko päivän kaikenlaisten pikkuasioiden takia.
    He made me run all day for all sorts of little things.
  2. to run, draw (to make a liquid flow)
    Saadaksesi kuumaa vettä sinun täytyy juoksuttaa sitä vähän aikaa.
    You'll have to run the water a while before it gets hot.
  3. (music) to practice singing or playing an instrument by producing a quick succession of rising or descending notes; to play or sing a piece with such succession
  4. to longe (US), lunge (UK) (to work a horse in a circle at the end of a long line or rope)
  5. (dated, dairy) to curdle (to cause to form curds)



Derived terms[edit]