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kiihkeä  (comparative kiihkeämpi, superlative kiihkein)

  1. hectic, frenetic, feverish, frantic, harried, frenzied (very busy with activity and confusion)
  2. passionate, torrid, ardent, fervent (full of intense emotions)
    Olimme juoneet jo melko paljon ja päädyimme vessaan pussailemaan kiihkeästi.
    We'd already drunk quite a lot and ended up in the bathroom making out passionately.
  3. fanatic, fanatical, rabid, fervent (having an extreme, irrational zeal or enthusiasm for a specific cause)
    Hän piti kiihkeän puheen sunnuntaina voitettuaan Oscarin.
    He gave a fervent speech on Sunday after winning an Oscar.
  4. heated (very agitated, angry or impassioned)
  5. impetuous (characterized by sudden and violent force)


Derived terms[edit]