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Afrikaans kits (instant) + konstabel (constable).


kitskonstabel (plural kitskonstabels)

  1. (South Africa, obsolete, slang) A newly deputized constable in the South African Police Services during the last days of apartheid ; they were noted for their zealousness and utter lack of police procedure. Their official name was special policeman.
    • During 1987 sixteen kitskonstabels were sent to Bhongolethu to police the area after their six weeks of training. The kitskonstabels proved to be a law unto themselves - between September 1987 and January 1988 less than six months, at least six activist were injured by kitskonstabels a remarkable series of incidents, involving the kitskonstabels was recorded by the police themselves in the Bhongolethu police station incident book. [1]
    • 1997 KITSKONSTABEL ACTIONS TO BE HEARD AT GRAHAMSTWON TRC HEARINGS : The activities of the South Africa Police's notorious apartheid-era "kitskonstables" will come under the spotlight at the three-day hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Grahamstown next week, from April 7 to 9. The kitskonstables (special constables) were infamous for random beatings and shootings in the Grahamstown area during the 1980s. [2]
    • 1998 Harrington’s hero was Major Deon Terreblanche – notorious for his killing sprees. ‘He was actually like my father. He was interested in my work. He always wanted to know how I was. He told me I personally have to fight against the ANC, because they were communists. He said he would see to it that I never get into trouble.’ But a kitskonstabel with ANC sympathies killed Terreblanche. Antjie Krog Country of My Skull 100best/100bestsamples/krog.html