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Alternative forms[edit]


kung +‎ -lig, from Old Swedish konung(s)liker


kunglig (comparative kungligare, superlative kungligast)

  1. royal, pertaining to the monarch or monarchy
  2. royal, majestic, festive, kingly
    Sällan har svensk prosa skridit fram med kungligare hållning än här
    Rarely has Swedish prose come forth in a more majestic posture than here
    • Shakespeare (Hagberg's translation), Henry VI, part 2, act V, scene 1, York speaking:
      Min börd är vida ädlare än kungens, Och vida kungligare är min hug;
      I am far better born than is the king, More like a king, more kingly in my thoughts:
  3. royal, national, governmental, pertaining to the state and government (as opposed to parliamentary matters, private business or municipal affairs), (abbreviated kungl.)
    kungliga biblioteket
    royal library = national library
    kungliga telegrafverket
    national telegraph (telecom) administration
    kunglig förordning
    royal decree = governmental ordinance


Related terms[edit]