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lay +‎ down, from lay down


laydown (plural laydowns)

  1. (usually uncountable) The act of laying down
    • 1992, T.S. Shuler et al., “Design and Construction of Asphalt Concrete Using Polymer Modified Asphalt Binders”, in Polymer Modified Asphalt Binders[1], ISBN 0803114133, page 125:
      However, significant smoke was observed during laydown of this mixture.
  2. (publishing) A physical mockup or layout of a page design
    • 2006, Susan Linnet Cox, Photo Styling[2], ISBN 1581154526, page 114:
      It was a week's worth of laydowns portraying the full line of athletic clothing for that season []
  3. (military) A pattern of deployment
    • 1984, Ashton B. Carter et al., Ballistic Missile Defense[3], ISBN 0815713118, page 141:
      The offense could contrive a variety of laydowns to intensify the defense's problems.
  4. (bridge) A hand which is so strong that the declarer can simply expose it and claim the number of tricks required by his or her contract

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