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Scottish Gaelic[edit]


From Old Irish leithéit (the like, equal, equivalent; likeness)



leithid f (genitive leithide, plural leithidean)

  1. match, equal, like, peer, equivalent
    Cha robh a leithid ann riamh. - His/her like never existed.
    leithidean a chéile - the very patterns of each other
    air a leithid de dhòigh 's gun... - in such a way that...
    an aghaidh a leithid seo de fhianais - against this kind of evidence

Usage notes[edit]

  • Often preceded by a possessive pronoun, a prepositional pronoun, or followed by a noun in the genitive case:
    chan fhaca mi a leithid riamh - I never saw his like
    cha do rinn mi dad dha leithid - I haven't done anything of the kind (literally "of its like")
    bho leithid Dhòmhnaill MhicDhòmhnaill - from the likes of Donald MacDonald