little girl's room

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Alternative forms[edit]


little girl's room (plural little girl's rooms)

  1. (colloquial, euphemistic) The toilets for women; a ladies' room.
    • 1994, Janet Evanovich, One for the Money‎, page 225:
      "I'm okay. I think I'm going to break for lunch soon, too. Have to use the little girl's room."
      "There's a John on the second floor. Just get the key from Lorna. Tell her I said it was okay."
    • 2006, Ted Bell, Spy: A Thriller‎, page 42:
      He says she went to the little girl's room during the show and never came back.
    • 2007, Linda Francis Lee, The Devil in the Junior League‎, page 21:
      But before we get back to business, I've got to go to the little girl's room. Nothing like sweet tea to go right through you.

Coordinate terms[edit]