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From mīlīgs (lovely, nice) +‎ -ums (with mīlīgs from mīl(ēt) (to love) +‎ -īgs).


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mīlīgums m (1st declension)

  1. lovingness, loveliness, pleasantness
    balss mīlīgums — the loveliness of the voice
    istabas mīlīgums — the pleasantness of the room
    laika, saules, vakara mīlīgums — the loveliness, pleasantness of the weather, the sun, the evening
    saimniece paklepodama vēra durvis: ienāca visai vēlīgu seju un mīlīga, taisni kā pie savas pašas māsas... Osiene pazina to mīlīgumu un jau iepriekš sabožas — the hostess open the door coughing: she came in, with a face lovely and kind to all, just as if (she were talking) to her own sister... Osiene recognized this loveliness and became sullen in advance


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