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mawn (third-person singular simple present mawns, present participle mawning, simple past and past participle mawned)

  1. To open the mouth widely and take a long, rather deep breath, immediately after waking up or when recovering from sleep.


mawn (plural mawns)

  1. The action of mawning; opening the mouth widely and taking a long, rather deep breath, because one is waking up.
  2. (Scotland, dialect) A maund; a basket or hamper.
    • 1887, Thomas Hardy, The Woodlanders[1], Harper & Brothers:
      An apple-mill and press had been erected on the spot, to which some men were bringing fruit from divers points in mawn-baskets, while others were grinding them, and others wringing down the pomace, whose sweet juice gushed forth into tubs and pails.
  3. A ghost.
    • 2006, Watkin Tench, A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson[2], University of Adelaide:
      None of the natives who had come in the boat would touch the body, or even go near it, saying, the mawn would come; that is literally, ‘the spirit of the deceased would seize them’.





  1. nasal mutation of bawn