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From Middle English mydwaye, mydweye, from Old English midweġ (midway), equivalent to mid- +‎ way. Cognate with Dutch midweg (midway), Middle Low German midwech (midway).


midway (plural midways)

  1. The middle; the midst.
  2. A middle way or manner; a mean or middle course between extremes.
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    • Milton
      Paths indirect, or in the midway faint.
  3. (US) The part of a fair or circus where rides, entertainments, and booths are concentrated.
  4. (US) The widest aisle in the middle of an industrial complex (such as railroad shops or a coach yard) along which various buildings are aligned


midway (comparative more midway, superlative most midway)

  1. Being in the middle of the way or distance; middle.


midway (not comparable)

  1. Halfway; equidistant from either end point; in the middle between two points
    • 2011 October 1, Phil Dawkes, “Sunderland 2 - 2 West Brom”, BBC Sport:
      It shell-shocked the home crowd, who quickly demanded a response, which came midway through the half and in emphatic fashion.