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From Proto-Baltic *meyg- (Eastern Baltic *mieg-), from Proto-Indo-European *meygʰ-, from the stem *mei- (to press, to hit) with an extra -g(ʰ) (whence also Latvian miegt “to press, to squeeze”). The original meaning was thus “closing, pressing together” (the eyelids), from which “sleep”. Cognates include Lithuanian miẽgas, miegóti (to sleep), Old Prussian enmigguns (asleep), meicte (to sleep), maiggun (sleep (accusative)), Old Church Slavonic помигати (pomigati, to blink, to wink), Russian мигать (migat’), мжить (mžit’, to doze off, to take a nap), Ukrainian мигати (myháty, to blink, to wink), Bulgarian мигам (mígam), Czech mihati, Polish migać.[1]


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miegs m (1st declension)

  1. sleep (the act or state of sleeping, of being asleep)
    salds, dziļš miegs — sweet, deep sleep
    nakts, rīta miegs — night, morning sleep
    hipnotiskais miegs — hypnotic sleep
    miega zālessleep medicine
    miega līdzeklissleeping pills
    miega traucējumisleep disorders
    iegrimt miegā — to fall into sleep
    runāt miegā — to talk in one's sleep
    aizdzīt miegu — to drive sleep away
    tonakt man ilgi nenāca miegs — that night I couldn't fall asleep (lit. sleep didn't come to me) for a long time



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