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Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Mongolian монгол (mongol, Mongol), made into a masculine 2nd-declension noun (ending -is).


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mongolis m (2nd declension, feminine form: mongoliete)

  1. (male) Mongol, Mongolian (a man, person from Mongolia or of Mongolian descent)
    mongolis Batbajaru atzīst: viņa zeme ir Latvija, tur, kur ir viņa ģimene — the Mongolian Batbajaru admits: his country is Latvia, there, where his family is
  2. (male) Mongol (a member of one of the Mongol ethnic groups, in Mongolia and elsewhere)
    Ķīnas mongoļi — China's mongols
    mongoļu zemes vēsture ir ļoti sena, tā ietver gan Čingishana karagājienus, gan drūmos gadsimtus mandžūru jūgā — the history of the Mongol land is very old, it includes both Gengis Khan's crusades and the gloomy centuries under the Manchurian yoke
  3. (genitive plural): Mongol, Mongolian; pertaining to Mongolia or to Mongol people
    mongoļu valoda — the Mongol language
    mongoļu sakāmvārdsMongol proverb
    mongoļu impērijaMongol empire


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