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Alternative forms[edit]


monsterize (third-person singular simple present monsterizes, present participle monsterizing, simple past and past participle monsterized)

  1. To make something or another into a monster or the appearance of
    • 2010, various, Vampirella Archives, Volume 1, page 331
      "IRON-ON" MONSTERS Itie newest way to "Monsterize" your shirts. T-shirts, sweat shirts, jeans, jackets, notebooks-any tiling
  2. To give another very bad reputation, demonize, vilify
    • 2003, Belinda Morrissey, When women kill: questions of agency and subjectivity, page 25
      Vilification/monsterization denies agency by insisting upon the evil nature of the murderess, thus causing her to lose
    • 2002, Mark Thornton Burnett, Constructing 'monsters' in Shakespearean drama and early modern culture, page 93
      The particular conjunction of politics and 'monsters' in Richard III 'monsterizes' an already 'monstrous' language and institution, a reflection of the level of anxiety generated by the succession crisis in the 1590s.
    • '2006, Michael Finkel, True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa
      “I'd admit the past & monsterize myself in the eyes of the jury,” he wrote. “I would try to be emotionless, to add credibility to that monsterization.


Related terms[edit]