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mordicus m (feminine mordica, neuter mordicum); first/second declension

  1. biting


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative mordicus mordica mordicum mordicī mordicae mordica
genitive mordicī mordicae mordicī mordicōrum mordicārum mordicōrum
dative mordicō mordicae mordicō mordicīs mordicīs mordicīs
accusative mordicum mordicam mordicum mordicōs mordicās mordica
ablative mordicō mordicā mordicō mordicīs mordicīs mordicīs
vocative mordice mordica mordicum mordicī mordicae mordica


mordicus (not comparable)

  1. using the teeth
  2. tenaciously
    • 1663, Hudibras, by Samuel Butler, part 1, canto 1
      The Indians fought for the truth \ Of th' elephant and monkey's tooth; \ And many, to defend that faith, \ Fought it out mordicus to death.