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From nabadze (poor woman) +‎ -īte (dim.) (with nabadze from nabags (poor man) +‎ -e (fem.)).


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nabadzīte f (5th declension, masculine form: nabadziņš)

  1. little poor woman; diminutive of nabadze
  2. poor woman, poor thing (a woman worthy of pity, miserable, pathetic, weak, sick; also figuratively)
    zvirbuliene taču būtu varējusi teikt tai nabadītei (Osienei pirms dzemdībām), lai iet uz mājām un liekas gultā — but the female sparrow could have told this poor woman (Osiene before giving birth) that she (should) go home and lie in bed
    pašā kuģa galā zvilnēja kāda stipri bāla dāma, kura, nabadzīte, tomēr pārcietusi jūras slimību — at the very end of the boat was sprawling an extremely pale lady, who, poor thing, was enduring seasickness


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